Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why are you waking me up? It's Saturday... No, It's Wednesday.

Things are starting to get back to normal. Family that was in town has gone back home. Andy and I have 2.5 days of normalcy before we dive back into our family overload summer.

This morning, when my alarm started buzzing (6:40 - begin the hour of the snooze button) I rolled over to see my husband still in bed. He's usually out of the house by 6:40. I told him what time it was and he said, "So? It's Saturday." I then informed him it was in fact NOT Saturday, but Wednesday. So I got up with him and helped get the kid ready for daycare.

Now that I'm up...

I decided to take the dog for a walk. I fell like the past few weeks, we've barely paid any attention to her. Yes, she get's to sleep in the bed with us, and she loves to cuddle with my husband, but we haven't walked her or played with her. So off we went.

Of coarse, I forgot my phone, so I couldn't track the distance walked, or the time of morning for that matter. I just had to guess when I needed to be back home to get ready for work.

It was a short walk, but the weather was pleasant, and if I can just get past the overwhelming desire to smash my alarm clock in the mornings, I could see myself going for walks every morning.

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