Monday, August 4, 2014

Yikes! 151lb Weigh-in

Weight: 151.6... YIKES!
Time weighed: 8:00 am

I weigh how much!?

I wasn't expecting the heavens to part when I stepped on the scale today, but I was hoping for a little better. Family's in town, and with that comes copies glasses of wine, and food. I ate entirely too much fruit over the weekend. Somehow, I managed to plop myself down next to the fruit bowl and lay in it. Crunchy grapes are my kryptonite.

However, I also managed to mow my baseball-field lawn yesterday, which should have helped. I shudder to think of what my weight might have been on Saturday...

There's been no progress on the fitting-into-my-pants frontier. 

I tried to put on a pair of jeans on Friday that got stuck. I was angry so I tried to force them on... then I heard the ominous RRRIIIIP. Shit. It was then that I almost broken down and went out to purchase apparel that actually fits. It's hot as balls out here and the only shorts that fit me at the present moment are my soccer shorts. Little cloth things that ride up between my legs when I walk.

Until next time.
Fingers crossed I'm just retaining fluids this morning.

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