Monday, August 25, 2014

Oh is it HOT!

So, there was no running this weekend. I spent Saturday taking care of my 3-month old, then out on the Houston hot-hot-heat to take bridal portraits (I felt bad for the bride, she had to loose 10 lb's in sweat) and a 3-year old photo shoot.

Sunday, Andy and I had a wedding to shoot from 12:00 - 9:00 pm. It was 100° in the late afternoon. People had to be careful, or they would drop like flies. After photo shoots, my legs feel like rubber, especially after 9 hours of photos. I joke that if I shot weddings every weekend, I would be able to crush coconuts between my legs (my other photographer friends claim that would be untrue). One can dream. Regardless, my weight's starting to look a little better. My mom seems to think I've lost some inches around my waste... that's because it's all falling to my butt and legs. Damn gravity.

Last week's activity was as follows (mostly walking because it's so hot out right now it's hard to breath).



Start Time: 8:05 pm
Duration: 15:51 min
Millage: 1.8
Average speed: 3.8 mph
Calories burned: 232


Start Time: 7:26 pm
Duration: 25:42 min
Millage: 1.41
Average speed: 3.3 mph
Calories burned: 204

Walk (with baby)

Start Time: 7:18 pm
Duration: 9:06 min
Millage: .37
Average speed: 2.5 mph
Calories burned: 70

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