Monday, September 8, 2014

Getting Back on Track

This week's the week. The week to get back on track. To start running and walking again. I've been so overwhelmed with weddings and photo editing, that I haven't been able to leave my cushy seat in the house for fear I wouldn't finish editing my photos in the allotted time.

I will start with Saturday:
Though I didn't run any, I volunteered at Saint Arnold where I was on my feet walking back and forth between the bar and the tap getting patrons their desired beer. Surprisingly though, I only took 3,893 steps from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. I can't see the total calories burned now, but I want to say it was a whopping 60... not enough to burn off the 2 glasses of Saint Arnold root beer and one Endeavor bear.

GO TEXANS! Andy and I spent the day with our friends Emily & Derek at the Texans game. We tailgated in the AM then attended the noon game. I had a few adult beverages and took 2,209 steps. Enough to get me from our car to my seat and back again... I have no idea how many calories that is, but it must be less than 60.

On the plus side, my weight has been steadily dropping little bit by little bit. My eating habits are back to what they were Pre-Tristan, and this month Andy and I have challenged our self to a $0 restaurant budget. That means no calling the nice Chinese guy for take out or chowing down on Whataburger. I will hurt a little to go a month with out Whataburger, but it's good for me. We were getting a little out of control (for me). 

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