Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Wednesday Walk - 7/23/2014





Run Mow

Start Time: 7:59 pm
Duration: 19:15
Millage: 0.8
Average speed: 2.5 mph
Calories burned:150

Weight: 148.2
Time weighed: 11:00


Start Time: 8:20 pm
Average speed:  4.4 mph
Calories burned: 139

Weight: 147.4
Time weighed: 8:00

Run Walk

Start Time: 6:30 pm
Duration: 24:21
Millage: 1.63
Average speed: 4.0 
Calories burned: 201

Weight: 148
Time weighed: 8:00






I was intending to run a little harder and a little longer today, that was why I left Rita at home. That and because I decided to hit the pavement a little earlier and I felt bad about the heat. Pore Rita tries to veer off the path after the first lap. Cursing me under hear breath when I coax her to continue for 2 more laps. I know how she feels.

This weak hasn't really worked out well for me. After the first little jog, my phone rang -- which was nuzzled nicely between my boob and my bra. My mom. I ended up talking and walking for 4 laps. Granted, it was one more lap than I've previously done, but it was still a walk.

Also, I found out today, my brother's caught the running bug. I would say there must be something in the air, but he lives 500 miles away. Guess we're just creatures of habit, and by that I mean, gluten's for punishment. Matherly means Martyr for life.

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