Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Monday Mow (Not run) - 7/21/2014





Run Mow

Start Time: 7:59 pm
Duration: 19:15
Millage: 0.8
Average speed: 2.5 mph
Calories burned:150

Weight: 148.2
Time weighed: 11:00






I took Tristan to his 2-month check up. We talked to the doctor about his (going-to-bash-my-brains-in) crankiness that starts from 5:00 pm - bedtime. All of my mom's friends kept telling me it was colic, but the crying only really starts up in the evenings. "He's perfect." according to our daycare. So it's just us? Our baby hates us.     : (

No, he doesn't hate us, or at least he doesn't hate us until we take him to the doctor to get tortured (shots).

Apparently it's just a phase. Baby's get cranky from 2-weeks - 3-months. Hopefully this phase will end soon.

When I got home, it was 100° outside and felt like I was swimming in the humidity. I decided to wait until 8:00 to run. Let the temperature drop to a more manageable one. Then my husband got home and reminded me we needed to mow our baseball-field-size yard. Sigh. So, instead of running, I mowed for 20 minutes... and got grass in my eye. That was the end of my night, because grass is yet another thing I'm allergic to. I tried rinsing it out with water, my husband chased me around with eye wash solution (I hate eye-drops), nothing helped but closing my eyes and going to bed.

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